We provide professional, customer focused services.

We strive to ensure quality goods and services. The manufacturing capacity of our products is excellent. They are used in a wide range of mining processes. Our material is of good quality and is reliable. The drill rod lengths we manufacture ranges from 0.3m to 4.5m. The Hexagonal sizes are 19, 22 and 25.
We pride ourselves on a reasonable pricing policy.

Drill Rods Manufacturing

Drill rods

We manufacture high quality drill rods and refurbishing used drill rods.

CAD Design and Drafting

CAD design
and drafting

We design tools and other mining products.

Forging of steel

of steel

We forge drill rods and other mining related products.

Hardness Testing


We have Rockwell hardness tester and Vickers hardness tester for hardness testing of through hardened and case hardened steel.

Induction hardening and tempering

Induction hardening
and tempering

We are capable of selective hardening of steel through induction heating and quenching to the Martensitic structure, thereafter temper the steel to the required hardness.

CNC machining


We can CNC turning of:
Tapers   ●   Chamfers   ●   Threading

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